A few Amazon reviews

This book delivers

If you knew this one thing you could know and do everything could well become the first in a series by the author, William G Baker. The book takes seemingly complicated and serious subject matter that people ponder about, turning them into simple, logical understandings that we can immediately do something about. Baker acquired his writing from the journals of an American scientific team who spent a year living amongst and befriending the Great Masters of life, many of whom are over 800 years old, in the Himalayas in the early 1900s.

Their methods to rise above the laws of the physical world through consciousness allowed them to overcome any obstacle in life. Baker clearly presents their methods with interesting examples.

This is a book full of truths that many people may not be ready to accept, but an answer for others. I see this book as timeless and predict it will be popular for many years to come.

A new way of living

What if we could instantly create every desire, transmute disease into perfect health, change the past, end war, time travel, change the weather, live hundreds of years, and step past the thin veil of death and return, all while being continuously joyous?This sure sounds like something from a science fiction novel. But in If you knew this one thing you could know and do everything, through applying a series of higher laws, it becomes understandable, even plausible, to make physical laws subservient and making anything possible.

There are people from the past and present that are able to accomplish the feats mentioned beforehand. William Baker, a recipient of a journal written by American scientists studying the Masters of life in the Himalayas over 100 years ago, explains the detailed findings of their accomplishments. Baker clearly lays out their formulas of living and how anyone can, with a little desire, do the same.

The book is uplifting and can easily ignite a spark in anyone to believe in the seemingly impossible.

Good vibes

Sometimes we have to hear something many times before someone says it just the right way in which you understand. William G Baker says it in a way that you'll understand. This is not your usual self-help book. This book takes you to the far reaches of consciousness awareness, where anything is possible.

God, life, and everything else is wholly put in a vibratory field. It becomes easily understandable by tuning into the vibrational field you wish to experience. Baker explains and shows how the five senses are also vibrations and how to expand upon the original senses to include the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th sense.

All kinds of accomplishments can be achieved with these methods. These methods and way of life came to Baker via an American scientific team who studied and lived among so called Great Masters of life in the Himalayan mountain range in the early 1900s.

Most of the information in this book will be new material for most readers but, all should certainly be made aware of it.

Unbelievable made believable

Truly a book of the unbelievable made believable by its methods and understandable logic. Astonishing! All brilliantly recorded from the journal information received by William G Baker fifty years ago from a scientific team studying the Masters of life at the Himalayas at the turn of the nineteenth century. The book comes down to this: there is a place in consciousness awareness that we can reach if we know how. In this location of consciousness, all physical laws become secondary to the higher laws here. Everything can be known and anything can be experienced, making this truly the title of the book—If you knew this one thing you could know and do everything.

Baker shows and gives clear examples to reach this location. It requires a slight difference in the way we think but achievable by all people.